Head or Heart?

(From Octavius Winslow's, "The Coming of the
Lord in its Relation to Nominal Christianity")

A person may have well balanced theology, and
his general views of truth would be considered
evangelical and orthodox. And yet, thus far may
he proceed in the deepest 'self deception'.

With all this "form of knowledge," this lodgment
of the truth in the understanding, this subscription
of the intellect to the doctrines of revelation, he
is an utter stranger to that 'heart transformation',
that inward illumination of the Holy Spirit, without
which the soul is spiritually dead, the heart is
unrenewed and unholy, and the whole man is
unfit for the kingdom of heaven.

In short, we have here the case of one who, while
his judgment assents to the truth, his heart entirely
rejects it. The Gospel is to him a thing of intellectual
subscription, and not of heart experience. Not a single
truth of the Bible has become an element of life and
holiness in his soul.