Hating sin!

From Richard Sibbes commentary, Psalm 97:10,

It is evident that our conversion is sound
when we loathe and hate sin from the heart.

A man may know his hatred of evil to be true, first,
if it is universal- he that hates sin truly, hates all sin.

Secondly, true hatred of sin is fixed-
there is no appeasing it but by abolishing the thing hated.

Thirdly, true hatred of sin is a more rooted affection than anger-
anger may be appeased, but hatred of sin remains and sets itself
against the whole kind.

Fourthly, if our hatred of sin is true, we hate all evil,
in ourselves foremost, and secondarily in others-
he that hates a toad, would hate it most in his own bosom.
Many, like Judah, are severe in censuring others (Genesis 38:24),
but partial to themselves.

Fifthly, he that hates sin truly, hates the greatest sin in
the greatest measure; he hates all evil in a just proportion.

Sixthly, our hatred to sin is right if we can endure admonition
and reproof for sin, and not be enraged- therefore, those that
swell against reproof do not appear to hate sin.