Growing in grace...

The following is from Spurgeon's sermon,


We meet now and then with supposed 'perfect people',
but the most of us dare not whisper the word perfection.
When I have overcome a whole body of sin and have risen
to be somewhat like my Lord, it seems to me as if a
new body of death were formed about me.

I kill one dragon, and lo, his body yields a crop of monsters.
My evil nature seems to have coats like an onion,
and when I have taken off one of them,
it only lays bare another quite as offensive.
Will it not be so to the end of the chapter?

You may be growing better; I hope you are, but I shall be
all the more hopeful that you are so, if you fear that you
are growing worse. If you think less and less of yourselves,
it is probably true that you are growing in grace.
But if you think more and more of yourselves,
it is highly probable that you are growing in pride.