Beware! lest you fall into the fire!


“He found nothing but leaves.” — Mark 11:13.

Thousands go to Church or chapel, and they think
that the mere going into the place, and sitting a
certain time, and coming out again, is an acceptable
act to God.

Mere formality, you see, is mistaken for spiritual
worship! They offer him their ignorant will-worship
either in obedience to custom, or in the superstition
of ignorance. What the ritual is, or why it is, they
do not inquire, but go through a performance as
certain parrots say their prayers.

They know nothing about the inward and spiritual grace.

They have a name to live and are dead.

Their religion is a mere show--
a signboard without an inn;
a well-set table without food;
a pretty pageant where nothing is gold, but everything gilt;
nothing real, but all pasteboard, paint, plaster, and pretense.

Multitudes live and die satisfied with the outward trappings
of religion, and are utter strangers to internal vital godliness.

There is nothing to be done with such trees which bring
forth only leaves, but in due time to use the axe upon
them, and to cast them into the fire: and this must be
your doom, fruitless professor.

As sure as you live under the sound of the gospel, and
yet are not converted by it, so surely will you be cast
into outer darkness. Jesus Christ will certainly send
his angels to gather the dead branches together, and
you among them, to cast them into the fire.

Beware! beware! you fruitless tree!
You shall not stand for ever!
Mercy waters you with her tears now; God’s
patience digs about you still; still the husbandman
comes, seeking fruit upon you year after year.

Beware! the edge of the axe is sharp, and the
arm which wields it is nothing less than almighty.
Beware! lest you fall into the fire!