What a change has come over him!

(From Winslow's, "The Pastor's Request")

I saw one man just yesterday, living without
God, and in total neglect of his soul's salvation.
The solemn eternity to which he was hastening,
gave him not a moment's serious concern. His
heart was filled with pharisaical pride, worldly
ambition, and covetous desires. Self was his god;
the only deity he worshiped. This world was his
paradise; the only heaven he desired.

Today I see him the subject of deep and powerful
conviction; a humble suppliant, in the spirit of self
abasement, pleading for mercy as the chief of sinners.

What a change has come over him!

How in a moment have old things passed away,
and all things become new! And he who only
yesterday was dwelling among the tombs, himself
dead in trespasses and sins, today is sitting as a
lowly disciple and an adoring worshiper at the feet
of Jesus! Where did this wondrous transformation,
this new creation, come from? Oh, it was the Spirit
of God who wrought it, and the work is marvellous
in our eyes!