-Spurgeon, "God alone the salvation of his people"

If you do not keep your eye wholly on Christ,
you will soon go wrong.

If you ever give up the secret of your strength-
namely, your trust in Christ;
if you ever dally with the Delilah of the world,
and love yourself more than Christ--
the Philistines will be upon you,
and shear your locks,
and take you out to grind at the mill;
until your God give you deliverance by means of
your hair growing once more,
and bringing you to trust wholly in the Savior.

Keep your eye, then, fixed on Jesus;
for if you turn away from him,
how ill will you fare!

I bid you, Christian--
beware of your graces;
beware of your virtues;
beware of your experience;
beware of your prayers;
beware of your hope;
beware of your humility.

Christian! I warn you, beware of your graces! For
they may prove more dangerous to you than your sins.