The best of men...
From Spurgeon's sermon, "Threshing"

The best of men
are men at the best;
and being men, they are not perfect,
but are still compassed about with sin.

About the holiest of men there is something superfluous,
something which must be removed.

We either sin by omission or by trespass.

Either in spirit, or motive, or lack of zeal,
or lack of discretion, we are faulty.

If we escape one error, we usually glide into its opposite.

If before an action we are right, we err in the doing of it,
or, if not, we become proud after it is over.

If sin is shut out at the front door, it tries the back gate,
or climbs in at the window, or comes down the chimney.

Those who cannot perceive sin in themselves
are frequently blinded by its smoke.

An absolutely holy man is a being whom I expect to see
in heaven, but not in this poor fallen world.

We all need cleansing and purging.