Awful fact!

(Octavius Winslow's, "God Resting in His Love")

How few there are who appear to
possess vital religion in their souls!

How few choose Christ with His cross!

The great mass of professors are aiming
to separate Christ and His cross! They would
sincerely bear the name of Christ, and be
accounted as the followers of Christ, and
do something for the cause of Christ, but
they hide His cross, they are ashamed of
His cross, they shrink from His cross.

Christ and His outward lowliness,
Christ and His poverty,
Christ and His humiliation,
Christ and the world's despising, form
no part of their creed nor their religion.

But Christ and the world,
Christ and the popular voice,
Christ and slavery to sin,
Christ and an unhumbled spirit,
Christ and a love of money,
Christ and a love of ease, and
Christ and a love of self indulgence,
make up the religion of vast numbers who
yet profess, and call themselves Christians.

Awful fact!