Spurgeon, "The Vanguard and Rereward of the Church"

Your future
path has all been marked out in
the great decrees of God's predestination.

You shall not tread a step which is not
mapped out in the great chart of God's decree.

Your 'troubles' have been already weighed
for you in the scales of his love.

Your 'labour' is already set aside for you
to accomplish by the hand of his wisdom.
Remember, you are not a child of chance.
If you were, you might indeed fear.
You will go nowhere next year
except where God shall send you.

You shall perhaps be thrust into the hot coals
of the fire, but God shall put you there.
You shall perhaps be much depressed in spirit,
but that heaviness shall be for your good,
and shall come from your Father.

You shall have the rod, but it shall not be the
rod of the wicked--it shall be in God's hand.

Oh! how comfortable the thought that EVERYTHING is in the hand
of God, and that all that may occur to me during the future years
of my life is foreordained and overruled by the great Jehovah,
who is my Father and my friend!