You will drown, Sir Priest!

The following is from Spurgeon's sermon,
"Noah's Flood" #823. Matthew 24:39,

"The flood came and took them all away."

The destruction caused by the deluge
was universal. It did not merely sweep
away some who were outside of the
ark, but it swept them all away.

I doubt not that among those who perished
in Noah's flood, there were many who were
very zealous in the cause of religion.

But when the flood came, these men being
outside of the ark, whether priests or not,
did not escape; it swept them all away.

O you who wear the robes of priesthood,
and profess to be sent of God to teach
others, with all your boasted magical powers,
if you do not believe in Jesus as poor guilty
sinners, and look up to the cross alone for
your salvation, when the flood comes it will
sweep you all away.

You will drown, Sir Priest
, despite your
baptismal regeneration and your sacramental
efficacy! You will sink with a lying absolution
on your lips down to the nethermost hell!
In that day of wrath, the fiery deluge shall
sweep you also all away.

The flood shall sweep away all at last-
whether religious or profane, for they have
not fled to the ark, and so have rejected
the one only shelter.

"The flood came and took them all away."

It all hinges on this one matter-
inside or outside the ark. (Christ)

Those inside the ark may have a thousand
imperfections, but all are saved without a
single exception at last!

Those outside the ark may have a thousand
excellencies, but all are drowned without a
single exception at last! They all perished
in the universal destruction.

Here is the solemn thought.
Here is a rule without an exception-
All outside of Christ lost; all in Christ saved.
All unbelievers perishing; all believers saved.