Well done!

from Spurgeon's, "HIS NAME - THE COUNSELOR"

Remember, there is nothing that happens in your daily life,
but what was first of all devised in eternity, and counseled
by Jesus Christ for your good and in your behalf, that all
things might work together for your lasting benefit and profit.

Let us learn to leave providence in the hand of the Counselor,
let us rest assured that he is too wise to err in his predestination,
and too good to be unkind, and that in the council of eternity,
the best was ordained that could have been ordained--
that if you and I had been there, we could not have ordained
half so well, but that we should have made ourselves eternal
fools by meddling therewith.

Rest certain, that in the end we shall see that all
was done well, and must be well for ever.