A lost and undone sinner!

(Octavius Winslow, "The Impenitent Sinner Warned")

No man shall value Christ, or His precious atonement, until he has been made to see and feel himself to be a lost and undone sinner.

Christ is precious only to the soul that feels . . .
  its spiritual poverty,
  its vileness,
  its emptiness,
  its nothingness.

To such an individual, Jesus is everything.

The deeper the Eternal Spirit leads him to an acquaintance with himself--the more precious is that Savior, whom he now finds to be the very Savior that he needs.

The daily discovery of . . .
  indwelling corruption,
  inordinate affection,
  self esteem,
  love of the world,  and
  the innumerable other forms which indwelling depravity assumes,
endears to him the fountain that cleanses from all sin. He repairs afresh to it, and washes again and again in it. These daily applications to the atoning blood make sin increasingly sinful, and strengthen the panting soul for divine conformity.