This great world?

Spurgeon "The Drought of Nature, the Rain of Grace,
and the Lesson Therefrom" #2115. Jer.14:3,4,22.

Apart from God's preserving, the whole
race of men would be turned to dust,
and cease from the land of the living.

All creation exists by the will of the Lord;
and if his will should cease to send forth
conserving power to maintain the created
things in existence, they would all cease to be.

This great world
; the sun, the moon, the
stars; would all dissolve; and, as a moment's
foam dissolves into the wave that bears it,
they would be lost forever.

At the Lord's will the universe would be gone,
as yonder bubble which your child was blowing
but a moment ago, which now has vanished,
and left no trace behind.