Sin seen, hated, conquered, and forsaken!

(by Octavius Winslow)

Believer, every sin and infirmity and deficiency
you discover in your heart, Christ has died for, He
has shed His blood for, and has forever put away.

By repairing anew to His atonement and His grace,
you shall have your iniquities subdued, and your
conscience purified, and your soul reinstated in
a sense of pardon and Divine acceptance.

It is beneath the cross alone that sin shall
be seen, hated, conquered, and forsaken!

Sin, guilt, unbelief, impenitence, cannot live a
moment under the sacred shadow of the cross
of Christ.

Drag your foe there, and it is slain!

Go there, my soul, and weep, mourn, and love.

In communing with the sin of your own heart,
oh, forget not the yet deeper, closer communion
with the heart of Jesus!