The velvet paw of the tiger of sin!

The following is from Spurgeon's sermon,
BROKEN BONES. #861. Psalm 51:8.

"... the bones you have crushed ..."

Children of God cannot sin cheaply.

Lost people may sin, and in this life
they may prosper, yes, and sometimes
prosper by their sins.

But those whom God loves will always find
the way of transgression to be hard. Their
follies will cost them that peace of mind,
cost them their present comfort, and may
even cost them all but their souls.

O beware, you believers, who are just
now tempted by the sweets of sin, and
remember the wormwood and gall which
will be found in the dregs thereof!

You who feel the soft blandishments of
sin to be so pleasing to your flesh, and are
ready to yield to its gentle fascinations,
remember that the softness of its touch
will all disappear, and it will be towards
you as a huge hammer, or like the crushing
wheels of the locomotive, crushing your
spirit with anguish!

The velvet paw of the tiger of sin

conceals a lacerating claw!

O Beware!

O brethren, you who are lingering on the
brink of sin, and are beginning to slip with
your feet, may the thought of these broken
bones awaken you from your dangerous
lethargy as with a thunderclap, and may
you fly at once to the cross, and to the
fountain filled from Jesus' veins, and begin
your spiritual career anew with more
earnestness and watchfulness than you
have ever shown before.
"... the bones you have crushed ..."