Omnipotence of grace!

From Spurgeon's sermon, "A DIVINE CHALLENGE!"

Oh, how I delight to talk about the omnipotence of grace!

There are some of God's people who have not any idea
they are his people. Perhaps they are presently slaves to
drunkenness, or bond-slaves to every evil passion.
Yet, being bought by the blood of Christ, their names are
in his book, and they must, and they shall be saved!

They may not even have any desire to be saved,
but God will save his own people.

Though they are content in their sin, though they have
no desire towards God, yet he will come and make them
discontented with their sins, he will turn their wills, change
the bias of their hearts-- and they who once despised God,
shall, with free consent, against their natural inclination,
be led captives at the wheels of his sovereign grace!

God not only saves those who are willing to be saved,
but those who are unwilling to be saved, he can make
willing in the day of his power!

You must not imagine when you hear a man swear, or when he is
going on in sin- you must not write his name down in the black
book, and say, "I am quite sure that man will go to the devil."

No- it may be that God ordains to save that man, and one of
these days you will meet him lifting up his voice in prayer,
outstripping you, perhaps, in the heavenly race, and serving
his Master better than you have done!

Jesus Christ takes many to his bosom, whose company we
should have shunned, when they were in their evil state.

Sovereign mercy can dash into sinful places, and take captives!

Free grace can go into the gutter, and bring up a jewel!

Divine love can rake a dunghill, and find a diamond!

There is no spot where God's grace cannot and will not go!

Pile up your walls, bring up the big stones of your iniquity,
but Christ shall yet take your citadel and make you a captive!

Plunge into the mire if you will, but that strong arm
can bring you out and wash you clean.

There is not strength enough in sin to overcome his grace!

When he puts forth his arm, down you fall. Let him but once
strike, and you may stand and rebel, but the victory is his!

You may desire to be damned, but if God wills to save you,
his will be more than a match for your will, and you will come
crouching down to his feet, saying, "Lord, I will that you save me."

All God's elect shall be saved!