Infant Christians?

(Richard Baxter, "Directions to Weak Christians")

The church is full of feeble, unstable,
wavering, infant Christians!

How few Christians keep any
constant watch upon their hearts?

How many Christians feed on covetous,
proud, malicious or lustful thoughts, and
have no great concern over it?

Where are those Christians who
acquainted with the life of faith?

How few Christians can use their
prosperity in riches, health, and
reputation with a heavenly mind?

How little hearty love do most
Christians have to Christ?

Alas, how much pride prevails with many
that seem to be good Christians?

How worldly, how closed-handed, and
eager for gain, are many Christians
who say that they despise the world?

How few are the Christians that are
eminent in humility, meekness and self
denial; that are willing to be nothing
so that Christ may be all in all?

How many Christians live as men devoted to God?

How many Christians live with the world
under their feet, and their hearts above
with God, making him their delight?

How many Christians long to be with Jesus,
to be rid of sin, see his blessed face, and
live in his love and praises?

Where is the man who is eminent in
humility, patience and self-denial?

Where are those who have crucified
the flesh with its desires and lusts?

What a lamentable case it is, that the church
should consists of so many infant Christians!