Holy war!

(Winslow, "The Cross of Christ, the Christian's Weapon")

"They overcame him by the blood of the Lamb."

The weapon that is to conquer the world for Christ,
is to conquer the world of evil in our hearts; and,
wielded by the arm of faith, is to vanquish and
overcome all the spiritual opposition by which our
path to heaven is intercepted.

We are to overcome, as these martyrs
overcame, by the blood of the Lamb.

Heavenly and invincible is this weapon.

No foe can cope with it.

No opposition can resist it.

No confederacy overcome it.

Feeble though the arm may be that wields
it, the blood of Jesus, as both an offensive
and defensive weapon, is all powerful and
irresistible in our holy war.

Whatever may be the foe with whom you wage
this holy war, whatever the obstacle to your
advance in the divine life; faith, looking to the
blood of Jesus, wielding the cross of Christ,
drawing its supplies from the resources of Christ,
will enroll you among those who overcome by
the blood of the Lamb!