The Grace of God

The following is from Spurgeon’s sermon,
“A Promise for Us and for Our Children”

The grace of God
is peculiar, discriminating, and distinguishing.

God calls us, “My chosen.” We did not chose him first, but
he has chosen us. If we are now God’s servants, we were not
always so-- to sovereign grace the change must be ascribed!

We might have been left, like other men, to continue in sin,
and to be rebels against the king of heaven, but the eye of
sovereignty singled us out from among others not more
unworthy than we were, and it was the voice of love which
said, "I have loved you with an everlasting love."

Long before those stars were kindled into flames- long
before the sun begun his mighty course- long before the
mountains lifted their hoary heads, or the sea clapped
its hands in the tumultuous joy of tempest- long before
time began, or space was created, God had written upon
his heart the names of his elect people.

He had selected them, never to change his choice!
He had united them unto the person of his Son Jesus
Christ by a divine decree never to be revoked.
He had predestinated them to he conformed unto
the image of his Son, and had made them the heirs
of all the fullness of his love, his grace, and his glory!

It may be that we wear today the common well-worn
garb of labor; our names never glitter in the rolls of
earth’s mighties. But if the life of God be in our soul,
we are allied unto the King of kings! We are of the
royal family, we are princes of the blood imperial!
We shall take our seats among those lordly spirits who
for ever dwell before the majesty of the Most High!