Divine sovereignty!


It is God's will that makes yon bird that looks the sun in the face
into an eagle, and that other bird that sits moodily on the ivy-mantled
tower into an owl.

It is He who makes one of his creatures into an archangel
and another into an aphid, crawling on a rose-leaf.

None may ask Him why he acts thus, for He has the right to do as
He pleases; and, as Elihu said to Job, "He gives no account of any
of his matters;" or, as Paul put it to the Romans, "Has not the
potter the right over the clay, of the same lump to make one vessel
unto honor, and another unto dishonor?"

It is quite certain that there are great differences among men--
in the very size and shape of our bodies, and in the natural
conformation of our minds, we are not all alike.

Let us say what we may, there are differences of capacity
which are with us from our birth, even as God intended
that there should be.

He is in this matter, as in everything else, both Lord and King!

So what folly and sin it is for us to quarrel with him about our
condition, or to attempt to arraign Him before our judgment seat.