No Arminians in heaven?

From Spurgeon's sermon, "Salvation of the Lord"

They may be Arminians while here on earth,
but they will not be Arminians in heaven!

Here they may say, "It is of the will of the flesh,"
but in heaven they shall not think so.

Here they may ascribe some little to the creature;
but there they shall cast their crowns at the Redeemer's feet,
and acknowledge that he did it all.

Here they may sometimes look a little at themselves,
and boast somewhat of their own strength.
But there, "Not unto us, not unto us," shall be sung
with deeper sincerity and with more profound emphasis
than they have even sung it here below.

In heaven, when grace shall have completed its work,
this truth shall stand out in blazing letters of gold-
"Salvation is of the Lord."