Admire and adore God's Free Grace
in saving you! That God should pass over so
many, that He should pass by the wise and
noble, and that the lot of Free Grace should
fall upon you! That He should take you out
of a state of vassalage, from grinding the devil's
mill, and should set you above the princes of the
earth, and call you to inherit the throne of glory!

Fall upon your knees, break froth into a thankful
triumph of praise; let your hearts be ten stringed
instruments, to sound forth the memorial of God's

None so deep in debt to Free Grace as you,
and none should be so high mounted upon the
pinnacle of thanksgiving. Say as the sweet singer,
"I will extol you, my God, O King; every day I will
bless you, and I will praise your name forever."
(Psalm 145:1,2)

Those who are patterns of mercy should be
trumpets of praise. O long to be in heaven,
where your thanksgivings shall be purer and
shall be raised a note higher.

(Thomas Watson)