A wonderful text!

The following is from Spurgeon's, "Christ's
Incarnation, the Foundation of Christianity"

That is a wonderful text in Galatians 1:4,
did you ever meditate upon it?
"Who gave Himself for our SINS..."

Jesus never gave Himself for our RIGHTEOUSNESS,
but He did give Himself for our SINS!

Sin is a horrible evil, a deadly poison, yet
it is this which gives Jesus His title of Savior
when He overcomes it. What a wonder this is!

The first link between my soul and Christ is-
not my goodness, but my badness;
not my merit, but my misery;
not my standing, but my falling;
not my riches, but my need.
He comes to visit His people, yet not to admire
their beauties, but to remove their deformities;
not to reward their virtues, but to forgive their sins.

Fully, Entirely and Perfectly!
The following is from Spurgeon's book, "Christ's
Incarnation, the Foundation of Christianity"

"You Shall Call His Name Jesus: For He WILL SAVE
His People From Their Sins." Matthew 1:21

JESUS is nothing at all if He is not a SAVIOR.
He is anointed to this very end. His very Name is a
sham if He does not SAVE His people from their sins.

This Jesus of Nazareth, the King of kings, and Lord of
Lords, is the one and only Savior. He, and none but He,
shall save His people. He, and not another, shall save
them by His own act and deed. Singly and unaided, He
shall save His people. Personally, and not by another,
in His own Name, and on His own behalf, He shall, by
Himself, purge away His people's sins.

He shall do ALL the work, and leave none of it undone;
He shall begin it, carry it on, and complete it; and
therefore is His Name called Jesus, Savior, because He
Shall Fully, Entirely, and Perfectly, Save His People
from Their Sins!

Jesus Christ has come to seek and to save those who were
lost. If He does not save, He was born in vain, for the object
of His birth was the salvation of sinners. If He shall not
be a Savior, then His mission in coming to this earth has
missed its end, for its design was that lost sinners might
be saved.

Lost one, lost one, if there were news that 'an angel' had
come to save you, there might be some good cheer in it;
but there are better tidings still. God Himself has come!
The Infinite, the Almighty, has stooped from the highest
heaven that He may pick you up, a poor undone and
worthless worm!