Yes, all for you!

from Spurgeon's, "Overwhelming Obligations" #910

I bid you come to that famous garden, where
in the dead of the night Jesus knelt and prayed,
until in agony he sweat drops of blood. It was
for you, for you, believer, that there the bloody
sweat drops fell to the ground.

You see him rise up. He is betrayed by his friend.
For you the betrayal was endured.

He is taken.
He is led off to Pilate.
They falsely accuse him; they spit in his face;
they crown him with thorns;
they put a mock scepter of reed into his hands.
For you that ignominy was endured. For you
especially and particularly the Lord of Glory
passed through these cruel mockings.

See him as he bears his cross, his shoulder is
bleeding from the recent lash. See him, as
along the Via Dolorosa be sustains the cruel
load. He bears that cross for you. Your sins
are on his shoulders laid, and make that cross
more heavy than had it been made of iron.

See him on the cross, lifted up between heaven
and earth, a spectacle of grievous woe. Hear him
cry, "I thirst!" and hear his cry more bitter still,
while heaven and earth are startled by it, "Why
have you forsaken me, my God, my God?"

He is enduring all those griefs for you!

For you the thirst and the fainting.
For you the nakedness and the agony.
For you the bowing of the head.
For you the yielding up the spirit.
For you the slumber in the cold and silent tomb.

For you his resurrection when he rises in the glory
of his might, and for you afterwards the ascension
into heaven, when they sing, "Lift up your heads,
O you gates, and be lifted up, you everlasting doors."

For you his constant pleading at the right hand of the Father.

Yes, all for you!

What then, should be done for him?
What tribute shall we lay at the pierced feet?
What present shall we put into that nailed hand?
Where are kisses that shall be sweet enough for
his dear wounds?
Where is adoration that shall be reverent enough
for his blessed and exalted person?

Daughters of music, bring your sweetest songs!
You men of wealth, bring him your treasures!
You men of fame and learning, come lay your
laurels at his feet! Let us all bring all that we
have, for such a Christ as this deserves more
than all. What shall we render to You for all
your benefits towards us?