The way to hell?


That eye which sees anything good in man is a blind eye.
That eye which fancies it can discern anything in man,
or in anything he can do to win the divine favor, is stone
blind to the truth as yet, and needs to be lanced and cut,
and the cataract of pride removed from it.

People have the idea that going to church and chapel,
taking the sacraments, and doing certain good deeds
that pertain to a respectable profession of religion,
are the way to heaven. But that is the way to hell.

Poor sinners, trust Jesus Christ now.
Just as you are, come to him now.
Bring nothing with you, come empty handed.
Do not robe yourself, come naked.
Do not wash yourself, come filthy.
Do not seek to soften your heart, come with it hard as it is.
You cannot come to Christ any other way.
Come now to his cross.

He that believes is justified from all things.
Your sins are gone, your soul is accepted.
You are saved, and you shall see his face,
and sing his love in glory everlasting!