Universal Redemption?

 by Don Fortner

When the Lord Jesus Christ poured out his life's
blood at Calvary, he did not make salvation a
possibility, but a reality. He obtained eternal
redemption for God's elect.

Any doctrine which says that Christ wants to save
those who perish, tries to save those who perish,
and provides salvation for those who perish is
nonsense, theological rubbish, and blasphemy.

Jesus Christ is God almighty!
He is not a whining wimp. What he wants to do he
does (Isa. 46:10). He never tries to do anything.
He simply does what he will. His grace, his power,
and even his will are irresistible.
(Ps. 135:6; Dan. 4:34-35).

If he wanted to save everybody in the world, where
is the force that could stop him from doing so?

Any man who worships a god who wants to do what
he cannot do, or tries to do what he fails to accomplish,
is a fool. Such a god, if he existed, would be as useless
as a lantern without oil, or a bucket without a bottom.
Failure is an embarrassment to man. How much more so
it would be to the eternal God.

The doctrine of universal redemption- that doctrine which
says that Christ wants to save everybody, tries to save
everybody, and provides salvation for everybody, tramples
the blood of Christ under foot, despises the work of Christ,
robs the Son of God of all glory in salvation, and puts him
to an open shame.

Those who say, "Jesus loves everybody and died for
everybody," proclaim a love and a death which are
totally useless for anything more than sentimentalism.
They preach a redemption by which no one was redeemed.

Universal redemption is no redemption at all.

Redemption was effectually accomplished by Christ on
the cross (John 19:30; Heb. 9:12). And redemption is
effectually applied by Christ on the throne (John 17:2).

It never was our Lord's intention,
desire, or purpose to save all men.