The typical goat?

From Spurgeon's sermon, 'The Day of Atonement'

"Behold the goat that destiny has marked
out to make the atonement--
Come and 'see it die'.
The priest stabs it.
Mark it in its agonies--
behold it struggling for a moment;
observe the blood as it gushes forth.

Christians, you have here a picture of your Savior.

See his Father's vengeful sword sheathed in his heart!

Behold his death agonies.
See the clammy sweat upon his brow.
Mark his tongue cleaving to the roof of his mouth.
Hear his sighs and groans upon the cross.
Harken to his shriek, "Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani."

Mark the blood as from his wounded hands it flows,
and from his feet it finds a channel to the earth;
from his open side, in one great river see it gush.

As the blood of the goat made the atonement typically,
so, Christian, your Savior dying for you made the great
atonement for your sins, and you may go free.

The bath of his blood is your only washing;
the stream of water from his side is your perfect purification.

None but Jesus, none but Jesus,
has wrought out the work of your salvation.