by Spurgeon-

You will as surely be lost if you trust to your
good works, as if you had trusted to your sins.

There is a 'clean' path to hell as well as a 'dirty' one.

There is as sure a road to perdition along the 'highway
of morality', as sure as down the slough of vice.

If your faith is not fixed in Jesus,
your best works will be but SPLENDID SINS.

All the performance of duties will not bring you salvation.

Trust Jesus, and you are saved.
Trust self, and you are lost.

There is your only hope, poor shipwrecked mariner-- yonder
constellation of the cross with those five stars, the wounds
of Jesus- look there and live. One glance and you are saved.

Those soul-quickening words, "Believe and live,"
comprehend the whole gospel of God.

May the Divine Spirit lead you now out of self, unto Christ.