Unworthy of an idiot?

-Spurgeon, "More and More" Psalm 71:14. July 2, 1871

"I will praise You more and more." Psalm 71:14

The world has their songs.

They are, many of them, so absurd and
meaningless as to be unworthy of an idiot.

I would insult an idiot if I would suppose that
such songs as people sing nowadays would really
be agreeable to him. Yet these things will be sung
by men, and places will be thronged to listen to
hear the stuff.

Now, why should we, with the grand psalms we have
of David; why should not we sing as well as they?

Let us sing the songs of Zion as cheerful as they
sing the songs of Sodom. Let us drown the
howling nonsense of Gomorra with the melodies
of the New Jerusalem.

May you march like pilgrims towards heaven, singing, all the way.

"I will praise You more and more." Psalm 71:14