The following is from Spurgeon's sermon,
"The Interest of Christ and His People in Each Other"

will destroy you, my friend.

I tell you, honestly and plainly, that you might
as well hope to get to heaven by flying up in a
balloon, as to get there by your 'good works'.

You may as soon sail to India in a sieve,
as get to glory by your own goodness.

Away with your rags, your filthy, rotten rags.
They are only a harbor for the parasites of
unbelief and pride.

Away with your rotten self righteousness,
your counterfeit gold, your forged wealth.
It is of no worth whatever in the sight of God.

Come to him, empty, poor, and naked!

It grates on your proud ear, does it?

Better to lose your pride, than to lose your soul!

Why be damned for pride's sake?

Why carry your head so high that it must be cut off?

Why feed your pride on your soul's blood?
Surely there is cheaper stuff than that for pride to drink!
Why let it suck the very marrow out of your bones?

Be wise! Bow, stoop, stoop to be saved.