Open Sesame?

The following is from Spurgeon’s sermon,
“For Christ's Sake.” No. 614 Eph. 4:32.

You may cry as long as you will, reform as much as
you please, pray as earnestly as you like, but the
gate of heaven will never stir to your knockings
until you plead, "For Jesus' sake!"

That is the "Open Sesame" which will make the
gates of the city turn on their hinges. But if you
have not this watchword, all your doings and
almsgivings, and praying, and what not, will be
but a heap of filth, piled up against heaven's gate.

The whole pith of the gospel lies here.
All true theology is comprehended in this,
"For Christ's sake." Substitution -- saving
the guilty through the innocent; substitution --
blessing the unworthy through the worthy.
Do try this precious plea, poor soul, and I will warrant
you that, before long, you shall find peace with God.