Winslow, "The Nature and Necessity of Experimental Religion"

The spiritual mind, fond of soaring through nature
in quest of new proofs of God's existence, and fresh
emblems of His wisdom, power and goodness, exults in
the thought that it is his Father's domain he treads!

He feels that God, his God, is there.

And the sweet consciousness of His all pervading
presence, and the impress of His great perfections
which everywhere meets his eye, overwhelm his
renewed soul with wonder, love, and praise.

O the delight of looking abroad upon nature,
under a sense of pardoning, filial love in the soul
when enabled to exclaim, "this God is my God!"

"The heavens tell of the glory of God.
The skies display His marvelous craftsmanship.
Day after day they continue to speak;
night after night they make Him known.
They speak without a sound or a word;
their voice is silent in the skies;
yet their message has gone out to all the earth,
and their words to all the world." Psalm 19:1-4