-Spurgeon, "The Blood"

There is no case which the blood of Christ cannot meet.
There is no sin which it cannot wash away.
There is no 'multiplicity of sin' which it cannot cleanse,
no aggravation of guilt which it cannot remove.

You may be double-dyed like scarlet,
you may have lain in the lye of your sins for seventy years,
but the blood of Christ can take out the stain.

You may have blasphemed him almost as many times as you
have breathed, you may have rejected him as often as you
have heard his name,
you may have denied his existence,
you may have doubted his Godhead,
you may have persecuted his servants,
you may have trampled on his blood--
but all this the blood can wash away.

You may have committed whoredoms without number,
no, murder itself may have defiled your hands-- but this
fountain filled with blood can wash all these stains away.

The blood of Jesus Christ cleanses us from 'all' sin.

There is no sort of a man,
there is no monstrosity of mankind,
no demon in human shape that this blood cannot wash.

Hell may have sought to make a paragon of iniquity,
it may have striven to put sin, and sin, and sin together,
until it has made a monster in the shape of man,
-a monster abhorred of mankind,
but the blood of Christ can transform that monster!

Magdalene's seven devils it can cast out,
the madness of the demoniac it can ease,
the deep-seated leprosy it can cure,
the wound of the maimed, yes, the lost limb it can restore.

There is no spiritual disease which
the great Physician cannot heal.
This is the great medicine for all diseases.
No case can exceed its virtue, be it ever so black or vile.
All-sufficient, all-sufficient blood!