Dr. Ives?


Dr. Ives, who used to live on the road to Tyburn
at the time when prisoners were always carried
in a cart to be hanged there, would frequently say,
when he had any friends with him, if he saw the
criminals riding by- "There goes Dr. Ives."
When they asked him what he meant, he replied-
"Such crimes as that felon has committed I would
have committed, but for the grace of God."

That is true even of you who live nearest to God.

You, who have the most familiarity with Christ,
and enjoy the most holy fellowship with him,
may soon become the very leaders of the hosts of Satan-
if your Lord withdraws His grace.

DAVID's eyes go astray, and the sweet psalmist of Israel
becomes the shameless adulterer, who robs Uriah of his wife.

SAMSON one day slays a thousand of his enemies with
the might of his arm and the valor of his heart;
another day his honor is betrayed, his locks are shorn,
and his eyes are put out by a strumpet's treacherous wiles.

How soon are the mighty fallen!

Behold SOLOMON, the wisest of men,
yet the greatest fool who ever lived.

Even JOB fails in patience,
and ABRAHAM, staggers as to his faith.

"Let him that thinks he stands take heed lest he fall."