The following is from Octavius Winslow's sermon,
"Daily Cleansing, or Christ Washing His Disciples Feet"

Humility is an essential element of the true
Christian. As humility is one of the first
principles of our Christianity, so it is an
ever growing and deepening one.

Nothing more closely evidences an advance in
the divine life as our growth in Humility of mind.

The nearer we approach to heaven, the lower
we grow in the estimate of ourselves.

As the fruit ripens for the gathering grows more
mellow, so the soul that matures for glory
becomes more humble an Christlike, and is
willing not only to wash the saint's feet, but
even to be trampled under foot of the saints.

We learn to take the low place as we become
more deeply sanctified, ready for any and every
work and office the Master may assign us.

It is the bough most richly laden with fruit that
bends downwards, and hangs the lowest. So
those Christians who have the richest gifts and
are favored with the greatest usefulness think
the most lowly of themselves, and hide their
gifts and graces and usefulness deepest in
the shadow of Christ's cross, and are the
best prepared for the lowliest service of love
to the saints.