He drank it all up!

by Spurgeon--

When Christ died, he took all the sins of all his people,
past, present, and to come, and when the whole mass
was condensed into one bitter cup, he drank it all up.

"At one tremendous draught of love," leaving not so
 much as a single drop of wormwood or gall for any
 of his people to drink.

The whole of the tremendous debt!
The whole of the tremendous debt
was put upon his shoulders.
The whole weight of the sins of all
his people was placed upon him.

Once he seemed to stagger under it--
"Father, if it is possible..."

But then he stood upright--
"Nevertheless, not my will, but your will be done."

The whole of the punishment of his people was distilled into
one cup-- no mortal lip might give it so much as a solitary sip.

When he put it to his own lips, it was so bitter, that he
well nigh spurned it-- "Let this cup pass from me..."

But his love for his people was so strong,
that he took the cup in both his hands, and
"At one tremendous draught of love
he drank damnation dry,"
for all of his people.

He drank it all, he endured it all, he suffered it all;
so that now forever there are no flames of hell;
no racks of torment; and no eternal woes for them.

Jesus has suffered all that they ought to have suffered,
and they must, they shall go free!