Pride cannot live beneath the cross!

(by Spurgeon)

Stand at the foot of the cross, and count
the purple drops by which you have been
cleansed; see the thorn-crown; mark His
scourged shoulders, still gushing with
encrimsoned rills; see hands and feet
given up to the rough iron, and His whole
self to mockery and scorn; see the bitterness,
and the pangs, and the throes of inward grief,
showing themselves in His outward frame;
hear the chilling shriek, "My God, my God,
why have You forsaken Me?"

If you do not lie prostrate on the ground
before that cross, you have never seen it.

If you are not humbled in the presence
of Jesus, you do not know Him.

You were so lost that nothing could save you
but the sacrifice of God's only begotten. Think
of that, and as Jesus stooped for you, bow
yourself in lowliness at His feet.

A sense of Christ's amazing love to us has a
greater tendency to humble us than even a
consciousness of our own guilt.

May the Lord bring us in contemplation to
Calvary, then our position will no longer be
that of the pompous man of pride, but we
shall take the humble place of one who loves
much because much has been forgiven him.

Pride cannot live beneath the cross!

Let us sit there and learn our lesson,
and then rise and carry it into practice.