(Octavius Winslow, "The Preciousness of Christ's Blood")

Among the precious things of God, there
is not one so precious, so inestimable, so
influential, as "the precious blood of Christ."

The atoning blood of Immanuel
is the divine bath of the soul.

All salvation,
all purity,
all peace,
all holiness,
all hope,
all heaven, are bound up in the
atoning blood of Immanuel.

There is no acceptance for the sinner,
no cleansing for the guilty,
no pardon for the penitent,
no sanctification for the believer,
but in the vicarious sacrifice of the Son of God.

A holy Savior offered up a sinless atonement for
unholy, sinful man! Look at it, beloved, in this
light, and let your hearts glow with love, adoration,
and praise, as you kneel before the cross, and feel
the distilling upon your conscience of that blood
that pardons, covers, and cancels all your guilt.