Why do you not obey Him in all things?

Spurgeon, "Abram's call. Or, Half Way And All the Way"

Some true believers are depriving themselves
of the richest joy and the most heavenly
experience by their compromising conduct.

To obey the Lord partially is to disobey Him.

The essence of obedience lies in its exactness.

Half obedience is whole disobedience.

We must obey the Lord's command as it
stands in all it's fullness. To alter His word
is as great a treason as to make erasures
in a king's statute book. It is 'will worship'
and not God worship, if I do only what I like
of the Lord's work and leave a part undone
which does not please me quite so well.

Why do you not obey Him in all things?

You call Jesus your Lord and do some
of the things which He says but why
not the rest? Is it not clear that you
know your Master's will and do it not?

Oh, that we would be tender of heart and
not be as the horse or as the mule which
have no understanding! Whips and rods
would seldom be felt if we were more
promptly obedient.

It is our duty to follow the Lord's precept
and example with great care and solemn
determination, turning neither to the right
hand nor to the left.

Have you endeavored to fully obey Jesus?

We are to flee all sin without exception, and
follow after everything that is pure and holy.

Others wallow in what they call the pleasures
of sin. Abhor such things and protest against them.

Shun, also, everything that is doubtful.
For, "whatever is not of faith is sin." If
you are not sure it is right, it is sin to you.

Avoid the appearance of evil.

Separate yourself from all that which
Christ would have disapproved.

Be 'whole hearted' for Jesus.

Make it your object to abhor that which is
evil and to cleave to that which is good.

Be dead and buried to this present evil
world with its frivolities, philosophies and
grandeurs. Regard the world as crucified
to you and be yourself crucified to it.