What is man?

(The following is by Don Fortner)

What is man?
Don't ask philosophers what they imagine,
nor educators what they read in books,
nor scientists what they see in microscopes,
nor psychologists what they see in asylums,
nor sociologists what they learn from tests.

What is man?
Ask God who made us.
He declares in his Word that man is
fallen, depraved, sinning, sinful, cursed,
condemned, helpless, dying flesh.

What is man?
Men are grasshoppers before him.
Men are the dust of the earth, nothing more.
Man is a lump of clay.
Man is a puff of smoke,
a mist of vapor,
the small dust of the balance,
a drop in a bucket.

What is man?
Man is insignificant!
All the nations of all men in all the
world are less than nothing before
the great and infinite God.

What is man?
Man is nothing.
Man has nothing.
Man can do nothing.
You are nothing; and I am nothing.
No matter how many of us nothings
you put together, nothing added to
nothing is still just nothing.

What is man?
God, teach us to know our nothingness,
that we may look to Christ for everything!