What a monster!

The following is from Spurgeon's sermon,
"The Deep-seated Character of Sin" No. 812.

Tens of thousands of people in this so called
Christian land, live in utter neglect of God.

If there were no God, it would not in any
way affect the lives of most men: they
live precisely as if there were none.

"God is not in all their thoughts."

They never pause over an action, and ask,
"Will God be angry with this?" They are
never moved to the performance of virtue
by the reflection that God will approve it.

There is no God to them, though their table is
loaded with the bounties of his providence;
no God even though the sick chamber be made
to feel the terror of his rod; no God to them
though they walk in all the fields of nature,
and behold evidences of Deity on every side;
no God though they might see his finger in
every event of their lives.

They live like brutes in this respect, and alas!
many of them die the same-- without God,
without hope, earth grubbers, buried in earth!

Ah! this is a strange thing. This shows what a
, what a diabolical miracle sin is-
that God should be around us all the day long, and
yet before his very face we should dare to say
and think, and do that which is contrary to his
will, although a word of his could crush us as
the moth is crushed, although his will could sink
us into the profoundest hell. What words shall
denounce the arrogance and impudence of sin?

Sin is a defiance of God to his face,
a stabbing of God, so far as man can
do it, to the very heart!