Walking dunghills!

from Spurgeon's sermon, "EBENEZER!"

Brethren, let us Recollect Our Sins.
They will serve as a black foil on which the
mercy of God shall glisten the more brightly.

That God should be so good is marvelous, but that he should
be so good to you and to I, who are so rebellious, is a miracle
of miracles! I know not a word which can express the surprise
and wonder our souls ought to feel at God's goodness to us!

Our hearts playing the harlot;
our lives far from perfect;
our faith so feeble,
our unbelief often prevailing;
our pride lifting up its accursed head;
our patience a poor sickly plant,
almost nipped by one night's frost;
our courage little better than cowardice;
our love lukewarmness;
and our ardor but as ice.

Oh, my dear brethren, if we will but think what a mass of Sin we
are, if we will but reflect that we are after all, walking dunghills,
we should indeed be surprised that the sun of divine grace should
continue so perpetually to shine upon us, and that the abundance
of heaven's mercy should be revealed in us.

It is the Lord's rule to bring good out of evil,
and so to prove his wisdom and magnify his grace.