by Don Fortner-

If you and I are true believers, we will be found worshipping God,
serving Christ, and walking in the Spirit all the days of our lives.

We will leave this world leaning upon our Beloved.

We will often fall; but the Lord will raise us up.

We will never cease to be plagued with sin;
but we will never again be brought under the dominion of sin.

True Christianity is not a spasmodic religion of convenience.
It is life in Christ.

Amid trials hard, temptations strong, and troubles constant,
true faith is persevering faith.

"Either God is totally sovereign, ordaining, ruling, and
disposing of all things as he will, or he has no control
over anything and faith in him is an utter absurdity."

"Free will, works religion" is worse than man-centered religion.
It is religion that deifies man, putting him in the place of God,
and worships him.

"Grace experienced makes people gracious.
Mercy enjoyed makes them merciful.
Forgiveness received makes them forgiving.
And faith bestowed makes them faithful."