My sins!


My sins were the nails which fastened Christ to the tree!

My sins made me the murderer of my own Redeemer!

To slay him who did me no harm, the holy and the harmless One!
To assist in hounding to the tree the man who scattered
blessings with both his hands, and who had no thought,
nor care, nor love, except for those who hated him.
To pierce the hands that touched the leper, and that broke
the bread, and multiplied the fishes! To fasten to the
accursed wood the feet which had often carried his weary
body upon painful journeys of mercy!
Oh! this is base indeed.

But when I think he loved ME, and gave himself for ME,
that he chose ME, before the stars were made, or the
heavens upreared upon their everlasting arches, and
that I, when he came to me in the gospel, should have
rejected and despised, and even mocked at him, this is
intensely, infinitely cruel on my part.

Jesus, you forgive me, but I can never
forgive myself for such a sin as this.

Penitent sinner, JESUS LOVES YOU, he loved you before
you knew anything of him, he has given you the best proof
of that love in that he has redeemed you with his blood.

Penitent sinner, can you believe it?
Jesus loves YOU- loves you though you hated him.
Do you think it possible? It is.
It is not only possible, but certain.
He who is heaven's Lord, before whom the angels bow, loves YOU!

My blessed, my adorable Master, says to a poor, cast down,
dejected sinner- "As for my forgiving you, that is done.
My heart is made of tenderness, my affections love; forgive
yourself; be not grieved nor angry with yourself.
It is true you have sinned, but I have died.
It is true you have destroyed yourself, but I have saved
you. Weep no more; dry those eyes and sing for joy!"