Monsters of iniquity!

Spurgeon's, "Spots in Our Feasts of Charity"

Oh, the depths of human sin!

Sin is an incomprehensible thing!

There is no water so deep but fish will swim in it;
no pond so foul but frogs will live in it;
no mire so filthy but swine will wallow in it, and
no sin so damnable but man will commit it.

Men will even seek out ways and means
of making themselves more and more
proficient in the most filthy of vices.

If in these times there should arise monsters
of iniquity
, we must not be astonished, for long
practice of sin makes men proficient therein.

The earth is ripening, and men's characters are
rotting to the uttermost degree of corruption.

We must expect to see more and more of
the boilings over of the sink of iniquity,
which lies in human nature.

Christian, what might you have been, but
for God's distinguishing grace to you?

Why, might not you have been Judas?
Christian, is there any betterness in
your heart beyond the heart of Judas?

Judas was an apostle, mark you, a preacher,
a miracle-worker; he dipped his hand with
Jesus in the dish, and yet he sold him; and
why not you?

"Let him that thinks he stands, take heed
lest he fall." What another man has done you
may do; and there are no depths of wickedness
into which you might not have plunged had not
the preventing grace of God stopped your course.