Even infants at the mothers' breast!

-Spurgeon's, The Carnal Mind Enmity Against God

Every carnal mind in the world is at enmity against God.

This does not exclude even infants at the mothers' breast!

We call them innocent, and so they are of 'actual'
transgression, but as the poet says, "Within the youngest
breast there lies a stone."

There is in the carnal mind of an infant, enmity against God;
it is not developed, but it lies there!

The carnal mind is enmity against God "at all times."
The wolf may sleep, but it is a wolf still.
The snake with its azure hues, may slumber amid the flowers,
and the child may stroke its slimy back, but it is a serpent still;
it does not change its nature, though it is dormant. The sea is
the house of storms, even when it is glassy as a lake.

And the heart, when we perceive not its ebullitions,
when it belches not forth its lava, and sends not forth the hot
stones of its corruption, is still the same dread volcano.
At all times, at all hours, at every moment, if you are carnal,
you are each one of you enmity against God.