The foulest and most detestable
 thing in the whole universe?

Spurgeon, "From the Dunghill to the Throne"

All the filth and loathsomeness that ever offended
eye and nostril, is sweetness itself compared with sin.

The foulest and most detestable
thing in the whole universe
is sin!

Sin is that which keeps the fire of hell
burning as God's great sanitary necessity.

Well may God cause the fiery flames of eternal torment
to go up for ever and ever, for it is only by such terrific
punishment that the plague of sin can be at all restrained
within bounds.

Sin is a horrible evil, a deadly poison; and yet, sinner,
though you be as full of sin as an egg is full of meat,
and as reeking with sin as the foulest piece of noxious
matter can be reeking with foul smell-- yet the infinite
mercy of God in Christ Jesus can lift you from this
utmost degradation, and make you to shine as a star
in his kingdom at the last!

To know that my Beloved is mine, and that I am his,
and that he loved me and gave himself for me, this is
far better than to be heir-apparent to a score of empires!