If God should forsake the best saint?


We know that if God should forsake the best saint
alive, that man would immediately fall into sin.

He now stands securely on yonder lofty pinnacle,
but his brain would reel and he would fall,
if Secret Hands did not uphold him.

He now picks his steps carefully; take away grace from him
and he would roll in the mire, and wallow in it like other men.

Let the godly be forsaken of his God, and he would go from bad to
worse, until his conscience, now so tender, would be seared as with
a hot iron. Next he would ripen into an atheist or a blasphemer,
and he would come to his dying bed foaming at the mouth with rage;
he would come before the bar of his Maker with a curse upon his lip;
and in eternity, left and forsaken of God, he would sink to hell
with the condemned, ay, and among the damned he would have the worst
place, lower than the lowest, finding in the lowest depths a lower
depth, finding in the wrath of God something more dreadful than the
ordinary wrath which falls upon common sinners!

He has said, "I Will Never Leave You, Nor Forsake You." -Hebrews 13:5.