Fallen man?

Edwards, "The Excellency of Jesus Christ"

Fallen man is in a state of exceeding
great misery, and is helpless in it.

He is a poor weak creature, like an infant cast
out in its blood in the day that it is born.

But Christ is the Lion of the tribe of Judah-
he is strong, though we are weak.

He has prevailed to do that for us
which no creature else could do.

Fallen man is a mean despicable creature,
a contemptible worm, but Christ, who has
undertaken for us, is infinitely honorable
and worthy.

Fallen man
is polluted, but Christ is infinitely holy!

Fallen man is hateful, but Christ is infinitely lovely!

Fallen man is the object of Godís indignation,
but Christ is infinitely dear to him!

We have dreadfully provoked God, but Christ has
performed that righteousness which is infinitely
precious in Godís eyes.