There is a David in every one of our hearts?

Spurgeon, "The Shrill Trumpet of Admonition"

It is one of the commonest and most dangerous
of all evils that can happen to a Christian, to fall
into a state of carnal security, in which he grows
self-confident, insensible, careless, inactive, and worldly.

We have heard of two friends who were accustomed
to go into the woods to pray, and each of them had
trodden a little path in the grass. At length, one of
them grew spiritually cold, and was soon found in
open sin. His friend told him that he knew it would
come to that, because the grass had grown on his
path that led to the place of prayer.

Ah! we do not know to what we may descend when
we begin to go down hill. Down, down, down, is easy
and pleasant to the flesh, but if we knew where it
would end, we would beg God that we might sooner
die than live to plunge into the terrors of that descent.

Who would think that David, the man after God's
own heart, should come to be the murderer of his
friend Uriah, to rob him of his wife?

O David, are you so near to heaven,
and yet so near to hell?

There is a David in every one of our hearts!